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Dendrochronologic data and dendrogeomorphic relations indicate there have been three distinct periods of fluvial incision in the past years. The first period of incision began in the s and s prior to the onset of European settlement and intensive grazing by domesticated cattle in the area.

This period of incision occurred along the middle reaches of all seven of the streams examined and coincided with a severe, protracted drought, suggesting an allogenic cause. The second period. Exploring the boundaries of individual and collective land use management: institutional arrangements in the PAE Chico Mendes Acre, Brazil. Full Text Available Abstract Pastaza is the largest and least populated province in Ecuador, with seven native indigenous nationalities.

The Kichwas from the Rio Chico community live near to the capital city Puyo, are recognized for their knowledge on stingless honey bees. From the species of Neotropical Meliponini that make honey in cerumen pots, almost thrive in Southern Ecuador, and confer such biodiversity to pot-honey. In this study sensory characteristics of Ecuadorian false and genuine honeys with diverse entomological origin: Apis mellifera — light amber and amber, Geotrigona leucogastra, Melipona grandis and Scaptotrigona sp.

The panel was asked to taste and to identify sensory attributes of honey appearance, taste, smell, aroma, mouthfeel, other tactile sensations, and to score their intensities in 10 cm unstructured line scales anchored with the words weak and strong, using the Free-Choice Profile methodology The Generalized Procrustes Analysis was used on the data. The first and second dimensions accounted for by In the descriptive sensory evaluation, darker honeys amber A.

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The assessors were able to evaluate and differentiate honey types without previous sensory training. Remarkably, two Kichwa ladies immediately spit out the false honey, in contrast to an acceptance study on honeys, where the false honey was scored among the preferred ones by 58 participants of the First Congress on Apiculture and Meliponiculture in Ecuador. Therefore, results suggest that Ecuadorian native Kichwas keep a sensory legacy of ancestral knowledge. This survey is based on the scope of work signed between the Japanese government and the Oriental Republic of Uruguay on 24 November The purpose of this is to clarify both the geologic appearance and the occurrence of the ore fields of mineral deposits in the San Jose and Arroyo Grande area in this country, with the aim of discovering new ore deposits.

In addition, another purpose is to transfer the technology to the involved organizations of the object country.

The survey is conceived as a three year project initiated in , and this fiscal year falls on the first phase. This survey consist of this existing data analysis, the geological interpretation of satellite image data, the geological survey and geochemical prospecting.

Relevant well-construction data from other government agencies are also summarized. This submittal contains four data tables and three figures.

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Palavras chave: Chico Buarque; censura; ditadura civil-militar. Abstract: The civil military dictatorship estabilished in March of in Brazil, was marked by a great turbulence, a time that, the military, with a justification of a internal war and combat, they created a great repressive device that covered all the sectors of the society. One of the artists who ascended in this period and was severely persecuted by the military, Chico Buarque de Holanda, had a lot of his compositions vetoed by the censors, under various justifications, wich demonstrates the non-existence of unanimity among the censors.

Keywords: Chico Buarque; censorship; civil-military dictatorship. Several studies had stablished that the privilege that the claim or denounce of forests that have been given to the miners had caused the irreversible damage to the land of the Norte Chico. This article pretends to diminish this thesis, arguing that the lands was semi dry o semi desertic before the expantion of mines suggesting the hipothesis that the argument to stop with the claim was a struggle betwenn the miners and the farmers to define the property of the forets, but the ones further south.

The large estuaries can present long narrow branches called subestuaries or tidal creeks. The fish community was dominated by Odontesthes argentinensis, Platanichthys platana, Mugil liza, Brevoortia aurea, Micropogonias furnieri and Paralichthys orbignyanus, similar to adjacent subestuaries. While Micropogonias furnieri and B. A seasonal variation of the fish assemblage abundance was detected, with higher values in autumn showing a positive correlation with temperature.

The importance of this environment as a transitional system for some estuarine fish species is advised. Na etapa seguinte, cada participante foi solicitado a ordenar os usos de acordo com as suas prioridades individuais. Detailed documentation of geomorphic changes in the landscape of more than a few years is rarely possible. In general, the net change in channel geometry has been small over the last 30—40 years. The average change in cross-sectional area of 32 resurveyed cross sections was erosion of 0.

The average net change in thalweg elevation for 51 resurveyed cross sections was degradation of 0. Unpublished data —68 from the scour chains showed that chains had an average scour of 0. Scour, found in the original study —64 to be proportional to the square root of discharge, was confirmed with the addition of unpublished data — The observed channel changes have no consistent trend, compared either to results observed in the original study or to distance from the watershed divide.

The conclusion drawn in the original study was that most channels were aggrading; the resurvey showed that aggradation did not continue. Channel degradation is most noticeable at road crossings. The greatest degradation of the main channel Arroyo de los. Temperature increases in summer are projected to be larger than in winter.

Although drier conditions are expected in the region, sea-level rise, extreme rainfall events, and associated storm surges are projected to occur more frequently because of the likely increase in intensity of hurricanes and tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico. The range of possible responses to climate change is attributable to a combination of characteristics at global, regional, and local scales. The risk of flooding and catastrophic infrastructure damage due to global climate phenomena has been incorporated into local climate adaptation plans for many low-lying areas and communities in the Gulf Coast region of southern Texas.

However, because this region is dominated by irrigated agriculture and the population is projected to double by , it is important to examine how climate change will affect water resources and environmental quality. The purpose of this study is to investigate the potential hydrologic and water quality impacts of projected climate change, land use change, and population change scenarios in the headwaters of the Arroyo Colorado. The results of this work will provide content for a web-based, collaborative geospatial decision support system being developed to support environmental management in the Arroyo Colorado Watershed.

Presently, land use in the Arroyo Colorado Watershed is more than 50 percent agricultural and almost 25 percent residential with varying levels of urbanization. As a result, flow in the Arroyo Colorado is sustained primarily by discharge from municipal wastewater treatment facilities, irrigation return flows, and urban storm runoff.

In this study. In the Hugoton Embayment of southwestern Kansas, St.

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Louis Limestone reservoirs have relatively low recovery efficiencies, attributed to the heterogeneous nature of the oolitic deposits. This study establishes quantitative relationships between digital well logs and core description data, and applies these relationships in a probabilistic sense to predict lithofacies in 90 uncored wells across the Big Bow and Sand Arroyo Creek fields. In 10 wells, a single hidden-layer neural network based on digital well logs and core described lithofacies of the limestone depositional texture was used to train and establish a non-linear relationship between lithofacies assignments from detailed core descriptions and selected log curves.

Neural network models were optimized by selecting six predictor variables and automated cross-validation with neural network parameters and then used to predict lithofacies on the whole data set of the half-foot intervals from the 10 cored wells with the selected network size of 35 and a damping parameter of 0. Predicted lithofacies results compared to actual lithofacies displays absolute accuracies of Incorporating adjoining lithofacies, within-one lithofacies improves accuracy slightly Digital logs from uncored wells were batch processed to predict lithofacies and probabilities related to each lithofacies at half-foot resolution corresponding to log units.

The results were used to construct interpolated cross-sections and useful depositional patterns of St. Louis lithofacies were illustrated, e.

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Louis Limestone. Neural network techniques are applicable to other complex reservoirs, in which facies geometry and distribution are the key factors controlling heterogeneity and distribution of rock properties. Future work. La abundancia y la riqueza fueron significativamente mayores en primavera, y la diversidad en rabiones de invierno. Se recolectaron El procesa On the basis of paste and piece decoration, and of argumental consistency derived from written documents, an attempt to place each element on the time scale is made.

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Cuando a César Rodríguez le propusieron coger las riendas de estaba detrás de la barra del 'Rancho Chico', un bar de copas por el que unas ganas locas por conocer el pueblo donde transcurría la historia. De repente, nadie que pasara por Asturias marchaba sin hacer una visita a Lastres. TODA ASTURIAS A UN PASO Y MAR A 6KM (VUTAS). Entire apartment · 4 beds Piso centrico para conocer Asturias # · Entire apartment · 3 beds.

In Latin America children today are facing new and old chemical, physical, biological and social threats. They are exposed to chemical pollutants, to solar and electromagnetic radiations, to biological contaminants and now to new threats such as: nanotechnological products, an increase in the ambient temperature due to the climate crisis, and to transgenic organisms. Furthermore, violence either within the family or in the society is also a risk factor for which children are a vulnerable population. Mixing of this acidic stream with neutral-alkaline tributaries yields spectacular iron and aluminium rich flocculants that precipitate at the confluences.

Previous analysis of rare earth element REE concentrations of sorne 0. Colloid sampled between the acidic waters analysed CV-l shows a very similar REE pattern to those of the waters. En este trabajo se. Plath, Sylvia. A redoma de vidro. The hydrologic system contains a main stream Arroyo del Val of acidic waters naturally generated sulfate rich solutions, with high levels of Al, Fe and heavy metals, and with pH values between 3 and 4.


Mixing of the acidic stream with neutral tributaries yields spectacular sulfate-iron-aluminum rich flocculants that precipitate at the confluences, along the principal stream. The concentration of REEs was measured for acidic water samples col1ected along the headwaters zone of the Arroyo del Val stream and for neutral water samples fram two tributaries. Speciation calculations were performed on both water groups. REE sulfate complexation don't fractionate the REEs in solution because there is not an appreciable variation in REE sulfate complexation constants across the lanthanide serie.

In the neutral freshwaters of tributaries dissolved REEs are complexed with carbonate and phosphate ions. REE carbonate and phosphate complexation constants across the lanthanide serie increase by several orders of magnitude from La to Lu. And so, phosphate and carbonate complexes account for This deposit is hosted by a Middle Jurassic volcanic and volcanoclastic sequence forming the Lemaire Formation. The latter consists, from the base up, of the following: rhyolitic and dacitic porphyritic rocks, ignimbrite, tuff, and flow. The Arroyo Rojo consists of stacked lenticular lenses that are associated with disseminated mineralization in both the footwall and the hanging wall.

The internal structure of the ore lenses is marked by the occurrence of massive, semi-massive and banded facies, along with stringer and brecciated zones and minor ore disseminations. The mineral assemblage comprises mainly pyrite and sphalerite, with minor amounts of galena and chalcopyrite and rare pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite, tetrahedrite and bournonite. The ores and the volcanic host rocks have metamorphosed to greenschist facies and were overprinted by a penetrative tectonic foliation, which led to the development of mylonitic, and cataclastic textures, recrystallization and remobilization.

Primary depositional characteristics and regional and hydrothermal alteration patterns were preserved despite deformation and metamorphism. Therefore, primary banding was preserved between facies boundaries. In addition, some remnants of magmatic origin are recognizable in preserved phenocrysts and volcaniclastic phenoclasts.

Most of the volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks of the host sequence show a rhyolitic to rhyo-dacitic composition. Regional seafloor alteration, characterized by the presence of clinozoisite, Fe-chlorite and titanite, along with quartz and albite, is partially obliterated by hydrothermal alteration.

The hydrothermal alteration is stratabound with the following assemblages, which developed from the base to top: 1 Quartz. It is overlain by Plio-Quaternary marine and non-marine deposits.

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